What are Committees?

Picture1Members of Salem Monthly Meeting committees are named at the sixth month business meeting by the nominating committee and approved by Meeting. Committee members serve a maximum of two, three-year terms beginning on the first day of the seventh month unless otherwise indicated.  Attenders are available to serve on most committees.  Trustees and Overseers are restricted to members due to the legal nature of a Trustee’s duties and due to the Overseer’s responsibilities with regards to membership.

Committee clerks are reminded that their purpose is to serve the members of the meeting or committee. They should maintain a worshipful environment that will assist with discernment. While preparation and organization are helpful, care should be taken to take time for worshipful consideration. Difficult issues should be allowed to season when further reflection is needed. Individual Friends and the Meeting as a whole will benefit from focusing on being patient, trusting and showing love to fellow committee members. Committees are encouraged to bring questions and concerns to the Advisory committee or Meeting; no clerk or committee is ever alone.