Who Are We?

The Religious Society of Friends are also known as Quakers. Members refer to one another as Friends. Salem Friends are a group of individuals and families who share similar beliefs, and values consistent with those of other Quakers. This is not a formal creed, simply a collection of statements known as testimonies that represent the ideals upon which most Friends agree.We are a small, but active group who welcome visitors and seekers alike. Many Salem Friends may trace their genealogy through Quaker roots, but an equal number from other faiths have found a spiritual home within our community.

The designation of monthly, quarterly or yearly meeting defines how often we meet to conduct business. Salem Monthly meeting is part of Salem Quarterly Meeting, which includes monthly meetings from Woodstown, Mickleton, Mullica Hill, Greenwich, Woodbury, and Seaville. Each area monthly meeting is also part of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting along with the monthly meetings from other Quarterly Meetings around the greater Philadelphia region. Monthly meetings are autonomous and not controlled by the quarterly or yearly meeting to which they belong. They gather together for the benefits of a larger and more diverse faith community.


The Quaker movement was begun by George Fox in fifteenth century England as a return to a more direct, personal relationship with God. Seeking freedom of worship, original Friends came from England in the late 1600’s and settled in what became the city and county of Salem.

CLERK- Chuck Devers